The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has introduced the process of revalidation for Nurses and Midwives which will undoubtedly  improve professionalism and public protection . The revalidation process expects you to display your wide scope of experience, knowledge and accomplishments through a series of code requirements provided by the NMC which you must comply with. To complete your revalidation you will need the following supportive evidence:

  • 450 practice hours, over the three years prior to the renewal of your registration
  • 35 hours of continuing professional development which must be relevant to your practice as a nurse, 20 hours must be through participatory learning.
  • Five written reflective accounts
  • Five pieces of practice-related feedback
  • Reflective discussion – completed with an NMC registered nurse
  • Health and character declaration, declaring if you have been convicted of any criminal offence or issued with a formal caution
  • Form signed by a confirmer
  • Professional indemnity arrangement

At Nurselink , we know that you are the future of our agency and we will greatly invest in your professional development. We are a nursing agency run and managed by practicing Registered nurses, so we are best placed to support and guide you through the revalidation journey. Our appraisers are NMC-registrants who will also complete your reflective discussions with you.We offer this service Free of charge to Registered Nurses who work a minimum of 250 Hours with Nurselink Limited prior . If you have not completed this set number of hours with us, we will charge you a small fee for this support. Nurse advisers are always on hand to guide you on the revalidation requirements. Call us on 0333 0051 999 or email us at  revalidation@nurselink.co.uk. 

For further information on Revalidation, please visit the NMC website links below: NMC Revalidation:  http://revalidation.nmc.org.uk/ NMC Templates: http://revalidation.nmc.org.uk/download-resources/forms-and-templates Your Online NMC Account:  https://www.nmc.org.uk/registration/nmc-online